How to create Spirograph Designs in Microsoft Word using Word Macros or VBA

How to create Spirograph Designs in Microsoft Word using Word Macros or VBA

If you plan to create Spirograph Designs in Microsoft Word, you may do so manually but Using this Macro or VBA code you can create Spirograph Designs with just a click of a button. I bet that this could be an inspiration for those who are Word macro Lovers.

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Click here to download Spirograph Designs Word Macro File.

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Disclaimer: This code is only for Educational and Scientific purposes only. ‘By using this code you agree that the author cannot be held responsible for any kind of damages by the usage of this code.

This was an inspiration from online Inspirograph

I was just playing with the online Inspirograph in an evening and suddenly stopped and thought, why shouldn’t I try this with Word VBA. As a Word Macro enthusiast I just jumped immediately to start to code. It was not all that easy, I had to work for more than 2 days and finally, I could make this possible.

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