EssentialPIM – A Holistic Solution To Personal Information Management

EssentialPIM – A Holistic Solution To Personal Information Management

Complexities at the workplace call for the professionals to juggle with numerous information under one roof. It might seem like an easy job for sole proprietors with a hand counted number of clients but the problems start arising once your customer base starts growing. From appointments to changes in contact details, it might become tasking to manage everything single handedly. You might employ a personal assistant but at the end of the day, all humans are prone to errors.

EssentialPIM - A Holistic Solution To Personal Information Management

This is exactly where the intuitive tool of EssentialPIM can come to your rescue by storing and handling all your data in once place. By data, we mean contacts, passwords, notes, tasks, schedules and even emails for hiking up your degree of productivity in the workspace. Gone are days when you had to haplessly search for the credentials of your company bank account under heaps of files as EssentialPIM can present you with the same with a simple click of the mouse. Read on to know more about this ground breaking tool and how it can make your life easier on the go.

Download EssentialPIM The Best Personal Information Management Software

Benefits of EssentialPIM

  • Data Management

If synchronization of data had been giving you sleepless nights then EssentialPIM can come to your rescue by helping with data access via different cloud services such as Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, CardDAV, CalDAV and many more. This helps in easing out the task of having to toggle between a variety of applications, services, devices and platforms which brings down chances of errors. The Pro version of EssentialPIM supports both global linking and cross-linking between objects. You can thus easily link tasks or a contact with upcoming appointments prior to holding the meeting.

EssentialPIM - Personal Information Management Software

  • Data Assembly

Your work becomes easier if all the information can be availed from a unified portal. Once you enter the data into EssentialPIM, it groups the same under different modules such as Tasks, Calendar and Notes for offering a common solution to your data requirements. This can act as a life saver for people who follow hectic schedules as they can carry their work along by syncing the data with the Android or iOS smartphones. Taking a simple look at the smartphone screen can keep you abreast of your day’s meetings and work list.

  • Data Safety

The whole world is moving online and the spread of Covid-19 pandemic has added a further boost to this online revolution. However, as more and more businesses are opening up online verticals, the chances of hacking threats are also increasing simultaneously. But EssentialPIM comes equipped with advanced data protection features which can have your back against all such problems. With AES 256-bit encryption, EssentialPIM can add to the level of data security by establishing a secured communication line between client apps and servers. The only time data leaves your system is during data synchronization and even this process makes use of SSL connection for guaranteeing users complete peace of mind. This is the same technology which is extensively used in online banking sector so that users can transact in a secured manner.

Features of EssentialPIM

Download EssentialPIM The Best Personal Information Management Software

Features of EssentialPIM

  • While EssentialPIM comes with professional grade features, it ranks higher in terms of user friendliness. The easy functionality helps in catering to the requirements of first-time users. It has a lot of similarity with Microsoft Outlook and this helps in catering to a particular segment of users who wish to benefit out of the same without having to shell out such extravagant expense. The seamless look and feel of EssentialPIM serves as the best option for users seeking out a blend of user-friendliness and performance. Customization keyboard shortcuts help in accessing its various functionality in an easy manner.

Personal Information Manager

  • EssentialPIM can be used from any portable device like an USB flash drive. This can be very helpful for people who have been road warriors, working from different PCs all the time. Both data and settings are stored in a stipulated folder in the removable device without leaving back any signs in its host system.
  • The USP of EssentialPIM lies in its support towards multiple languages ranging from Polish to Swedish, Chinese, French, Turkish, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, Italian and Portuguese. This can be very helpful in catering to the requirements of global users whose native language is not English.
  • The excellent data import and export capabilities of EssentialPIM stands out in comparison to peer tools and helps with transfer of data in formats such as XML, EML, RTF, HTML, TXT, CSV, vCard and iCal. This opens up greater possibilities ahead of the users working on multi-format data.

Download EssentialPIM The Best Personal Information Management Software

Final Words

While EssentialPIM can be used without incurring any additional expenses, you can avail of its Pro version for benefitting from greater features. The desktop and portable edition of EssentialPIM Pro provides users with a year’s free updates while lifetime license offers free updates for lifetime. All registered users can also benefit out of priority support while using the tool on two PCs belonging to them.

I hope this article on EssentialPIM – A Holistic Solution To Personal Information Management is very useful. Keep visiting my site to know more about new software and apps.

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