How To Create Payment Forms For

How To Create Payment Forms For

How To Create Payment Forms For

Do you want to accept payments on your website via custom forms? Do you want to use as the payment gateway? Do you want to learn How To Create Payment Forms For Then do not pause reading any part of this article. Payment Gateway (subsidiary of Visa Inc) is a popular payment gateway trusted by over 450,000 customers worldwide. It is based in United States. This payment gateway allows you to accept payments via credit cards and electronic checks. You can accept payments via your website and other electronic means. You can accept the payments form any place and at any time. This is highly simplified and easy to use payment gateway compared to others. Detecting fraudulent transactions and customer management feature is also available with this payment gateway. Visit for more details.

Using your own custom designed forms to collect payments

The best way to design custom forms is by using WPForms, the best WordPress form builder plugin. With WPForms you can create almost any kind of online forms in minutes. Also you can customize the look and feel of the form as per your choice. Now you can integrate WPForms with in few simple clicks and collect payments on your website securely. WPForms comes with an addon for this purpose. To use this addon you will need elite subscription of WPForms. Once integrated the forms entries are transferred to, invoices are generated automatically and sent to the customers.

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WPForms offers tailor made templates that could be used for various purposes such as collecting donation, collecting payments for products sold online, collecting payments for services and more. Further more you can customize the templates as per your choice or create a new form from scratch. One of the biggest advantage of integrating and WPForms is that the user knows exactly how much he or she has to make the payment. allows you to enable one time payments and recurring payments for users.

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Refer to the video tutorial below to understand more about and WPForms integration and the benefits.

Installing, Integrating and Using WPForms with

Before getting started, I would like to remind you that this feature requires elite subscription of WPForms. So first you will need to install and activate WPForms and then install and activate Authorize.Net addon as well.

Once activated go to WPForms settings and then click on the Payments tab as shown in the image below. At this point you can also select the currency you want to.

Now you will need to enter the user credentials of your Authorize.Net account. You could find them by logging in to your account.

So go ahead and login to your Authorize.Net account and make sure that the live mode is turned on as shown in the image below:

Now go to the settings on the left side bar as indicated below:

Now locate and click on API Credentials and Keys options as indicated in the image below:

Now you will need to copy the API credentials and go back to WPForms settings and paste them there.

Now paste it in the relevant field of WPForms settings as indicated in the image below:

Now you will either need to provide existing transaction key or create a new one. To create a new one follow these steps:

Now just click on Obtain here and select New Transaction Key as shown in the image below:

Once done just click on the Submit button. Now you will be prompted to verify the identity. Now just click on Request PIN to begin the verification process. Refer to the image below:

How To Create Payment Forms For

Now at this point you will be sent a mail to verify your email id. So login to your email, locate the email sent by Authorize.Net and click on the Verify PIN button.

Once you do this you will be taken to your Authorize.Net account where you will be displayed your Transaction ID as shown in the image below:

How To Create Payment Forms For

Now just click on Copy to Clipboard button, come back to WPForms settings, paste it into the relevant field and click on the save settings button as shown in the image below:

How To Create Payment Forms For

Now you should see a success message as shown below:

How To Create Payment Forms For

At this stage WPForms and Authorize.Net are linked together. Now you can proceed to build online forms using WPForms builder and collect payments.

Now you can create a form from scratch or use an existing form templates and modify it as per your requirements.

Please note that Authorize.Net requires at least 4 fields on your form. You will need Name, Email, Items and Authorize.Net field. You might also add a total field to let users know how much they are going to pay.

Now you will need to enable Authorize.Net payments by going to the payments tab as shown in the image below:

How To Create Payment Forms For

Here you can enter the description, choose an email for your form and choose a name field for the Customer Name as shown in the image below:

How To Create Payment Forms For

Once done just click on the save form. This completes the one time payment settings for your users.

Payment Settings for recurring subscription

Recurring payment settings accepts both one time and future payments. You will simply need to Enable recurring subscription payments option and that’s it. Once enabled you will need to provide details for Plain Name, Recurring Period, Customer Email and Customer Name fields as shown in the image below:

How To Create Payment Forms For

After selecting all the fields just click on save settings.

You may also apply conditional logic to your payments if necessary.

I hope that this tutorial on How To Create Payment Forms For is helpful. Keep coming to my website to know the latest WordPress updates.

How To Create Payment Forms For

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