About Us

Online Computer Classes – HBN Infotech is basically a Bangalore based computer training institute that offers computer classes, training and courses online. It also provides other services such as:

  1. Computer training / Software training
    • Corporate training (Note:- This service is yet to be started)
    • On-line classes (Note:- This service is yet to be started)
  1. Website Design and Digital media marketing services:
    • Website design
    • Website maintenance
    • SEO, SEM
    • Social media marketing
    • Content writing
  1. Job Consultancy: Currently we provide job assistance free of charge to our students only.
  1. ERP Solutions (Note:- This service is yet to be started)
    • Advice on selecting a ERP solution
    • Creating customized spreadsheet solutions
    • Creating customized standalone applications
    • Periodical maintenance and updates of customized applications
    • In-house training to the staff on these applications
  1. Management consultancy (Note:- This service is yet to be started)
    • Advice on selecting and setting up of a business
    • Advice on marketing and promotion of business
    • Tips on working out the cost and cost cutting – prior and post to start of a business
    • Advice on firm maintenance
    • Advice on recruitment and management of staff
    • Advice on business expansion

online computer courses

Although our prime focus is training, we would also like to provide services which are closely synchronized with us.

Please note that we are yet to set up on-line training services, on-line courses, on-line learning forum, ERP Solutions and Management consultancy.

Also note that we have started providing free job assistance to our students only and we aren’t outsourcing at a large scale and at 100% guarantee. We shall announce it on our website once we start doing it.

Currently we are conducting computer courses in computer courses in Bilekhahalli, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. Please feel free to contact us over phone or e-mail for course / training details.

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