How to install Wordpress on local computer

How to install WordPress on local computer

How to install WordPress on local computer?

For a long time I kept scratching my head to figure how to install WordPress on local computer.  After trying out a lot of local host l finally came to the conclusion that the very easiest way to setup the local server is by using Bitnami Applications. And especially for WordPress its awesome! offers a lot local server applications which are super easy to install and setup as compared to other local hosts.

Like an other local hosts most of the Bitnami Applications are open source and free to use. In this tutorial I have used Bitnami WordPress stack to install WordPress locally on my computer which I guess is super easy and less likely to cause any errors.

I didn’t experience any error during the installation.

I made the video tutorial below with few things in mind and also based on the questions frequently asked by my followers. The video tutorial below answers the following questions.

  • How to install WordPress on local computer or local host without any errors?
  • How to install Elementor page builder locally on your computer?
  • How to install Generatepress theme on your local computer?
  • How to use the full width page using the Generatepress theme with Elementor?

In my upcoming tutorial I shall be focusing on Generatepress theme. In my opinion Generatepress theme is the best theme to be used along with Elementor page builder. Using Generatepress theme it is just a one click job to create full width blank page in WordPress. Generatepress theme ships with a blank page template enabling us to create just any kind of page designs for the website. And further Elementor page builder makes the job of creating your website super easy with simple drag and drop options.

Absolutely I admire Elementor because:

  • you don’t have to have coding knowledge.
  • nor you need to put a lot of efforts learning the front end and the back end of the page builder as compared to other complex page builders. In my opinion no other page builder is as simple as Elemenor at the moment.
  • nor you need to go through a lot of tutorials to learn the usage of Elementor.

I always use and recommend easy to use tools. All tools (Bitnami, Elementor & Generatepress) explained are super easy to use.

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