How to create Multi Step Opinion Form in WordPress using WPForms

Best WordPress Plugin to create Multi Step Form or Multipage Form

Best WordPress Plugin to create Multi Step Form or Multi page Form

Multi Step Form: Are you sick of figuring out WordPress Plugins to create a Multi-Page Form? Are you tired of watching tons of YouTube tutorials in this regard? Are you frustrated browsing through lot of websites looking for the WordPress Form Plugin? Then look no further. At the end of this tutorial I guarantee that you will be able to create any kind multi part forms whether simple or complex in just 6 steps and in no time.

how to create a multi page form in wordpress using wpforms

Why Multi-Step or Multi-page Form?

When you break down a long or very lengthier form into small sections with various levels or stages it becomes a Multi-Step or Multi-Page Form.

Advantages of Multi-Step or Multi-Page Form:

  • Usually very lengthier forms annoy the users or website visitors away from your website. So keeping your form shorter at the first sight improves visitor retention. These kind of forms occupy look slimmer and visually just occupy a little amount of space on your page or post.
  • Technically long forms are difficult to grasp and understand at the very first sight. So it would be wise to break down the online form into meaningful sections and stages for easy understanding.
  • Time is precious. Most of the website surfers don’t really like to spend more time with form filling. So its obvious that your website visitor might not show much interest and simply walk away from your website. The quick exit from your website increases the bounce rate of your site. Hence the Multi-Step Form technique helps reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Ok, then which is the best plugin to create multi-step forms in WordPress anyway?

There might be many wordpress plugins but I recommend WPForms because of its versatility and flexibility. Subscribe WPForms Now.

Here is the step by step tutorial to create multi part form in WordPress

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Now lets learn how to create a Multi step form in WordPress:

Prerequisites: You should have WPForms installed and activated. Also you need to subscribe WPForms for the page break feature to work.

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create a simple OPINION FORM using WPFORM.

You may also go through this step by step video for a better understanding:

Step 1: From the WordPress dashboard go to WPForms and then click on Add New as shown in the image below:

learn how to create a Multi step form in WordPress

Step 2: Enter the Form Name as shown below:

how to create multi page form in wordpress

Step 3: Select a pre-defined Form template or select the blank form to create the form from scratch. In this tutorial I am using the blank form template as shown in the picture below:

how to create a WordPress form step by step instructions

Step 4: Add fields as required. Also add the page break whereever necessary in order to split the form into multiple sections or steps. In this example I have shown the use of fields such as multiple choice field, dropdown field, number slider field and checkboxes field.

WPForms Opinion Form Example

Step 5: Once you are done with adding the fields you should save the form.

How to make multi step form using wpforms

Step 6: The last step is to embed the form in a post or a page. You may preview your work before embedding.

previewing wpform the cool form plugin for wordpress

There are 2 ways you could embed your form:

Method 1: Copy the shortcode and paste it inside a post or a page and then publish.

creating simple opinion forms in wordpress


Method 2: Inserting the shortcode by clicking the add form button.

creating multi part forms in wordpress using wpforms

Final Words:

Multi part forms provide for a very convenient user interface and user experience. Moreover the compactness and slim appearance doesn’t really annoy your visitors away from your website. Instead it creates an interest in the user to participate.

WPForms has amazingly easy to use drag and drop builder that lets you create simple to very complex contact forms, opinion forms, poll forms, survey forms, payment forms and more in no time.

Click here to subscribe WPForms.

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