Create Multi Step Form and Increase Conversions

Create Multi Step Form and Increase Conversions

Create Multi Step Form and Increase Conversions

Did you know that user friendly form on your website leads to increased sales? Those days have gone where users had to enter tiresome and boring long forms. Now things have changed the way people think and expect. Its your duty as well to adopt new trends and technologies. In recent days there is a large demand for Multi Step Forms. So it becomes inevitable for you to learn How to Create Multi Step Form and Increase Conversions.

Why should you upgrade to a Multi Step or Multi Page form?

As already mentioned long or lengthier forms are tiresome and frustrating for your website visitors. It creates an impression of too much work at first sight. Nowadays people want things to happen quickly, easily and with less efforts. When people see lengthier forms they tend to either skip filling it or simply move out of your website. This might result in form abandonment and increase the bounce rate of your website.

How is multi page form different from a old fashioned long form?

Usually a multi page form is a form that is split into various parts and sections, and probably displays one form item at a time instead of displaying the entire form itself. It is just like an automated questionnaire. This approach is considered to be user friendly, because it doesn’t startle the user at the first sight. The user will be displayed subsequent form items once he is done with the previous one.

Multi Step forms also facilitate you in creating conditional form fields, that is the subsequent form items would be changed as per the users selection which is almost not possible with the old fashioned long forms. This in terms saves the time of filling unwanted form items. As a result there is no wastage of time and efforts.

“Recent studies show that less form filling actually multiplies the conversion rate and boosts sales”

So don’t simply keep dreaming of big sales. If you haven’t upgraded to a Multi Step or Multi Page form yet, this is the perfect time to do that and increase conversion.

What can you do with multi-step forms? Does it increase conversions?

Well! There are many things you could do with multi-step or multi page forms. You can use them for various purposes and needs. Few to mention are as follows:

  • To create Quizzes or exams
  • To create Registration forms
  • To create eCommerce forms
  • To create payment forms
  • To create Job application forms
  • To create Website signup forms
  • To create Medical in-take forms
  • To create School enrollment forms
  • To create Surveys or Poll forms (these are especially very longer forms among others)

If you doubt whether multi-step forms increase conversions, you shouldn’t because they actually do! Because in a nutshell they are less frustrating and more productive.

Multi-Step or Multi-Page forms could be facilitated with a progress bar to indicate the form filling progress and completion.

Best Multi-Step Form Plugin for WordPress websites

If you are using WordPress to build and maintain your website, then you could use a plugin to easily setup a Multi-Step Form. Besides a lot of form builders and contact form plugins, the best one that I would recommend is Formidable forms. This WordPress form builder plugin has numerous options and customization that very few other plugins offer. You could do more with just the free version. The premium version has countless pleasing options and customization that are less likely available with other premium plugins.

Formidable forms offers attractive and cautiously designed built-in templates that could satisfy the needs of any kind of website and businesses. The form builder is really very user friendly, easy to operate and manage. Using this form builder you can create almost any kind of forms that you dream for.

This form builder WordPress plugin facilitates file upload, star rating, sliders, toggles, dynamic fields, payment methods, summaries and more. You can integrate it with other popular plugins and addons easily. Also this plugin is compatible with most of the WordPress themes. More importantly it is clean coded, light weight and probably doesn’t cause any server response issues.

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