Best conversational forms for WordPress sites

Best conversational forms for WordPress sites

Best conversational forms for WordPress sites

Imagine that somebody visits your site, gets interested in your products or services and probably want to know more information, they try to reach you through contact form, mail or phone. Even they see that they could chat with someone right away on the subject. But most of the small companies, startups or business could not offer to have a huge customer service support team in this regard.

This is also true when you have many existing clients who need customer support service.

It’s highly difficult for small firms to deploy man power to handle website visitors and customers especially when more people try to engage with them simultaneously.

Sometimes website visitors or customers might ask inappropriate questions and waste lot of your precious time. So its better to have an automated system to respond the customer queries.

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So how could you streamline customer queries and respond accordingly? Should you use forms to collect information and then respond accordingly?

The simple answer is no for traditional contact forms if they are very lengthier. Because people often get annoyed at the first sight they see such forms and they make a quick exit from your website. People just prefer short and precise means of communication, in other words a time saving solutions. Also they prefer conversational means rather than static communication.

Could you use chat support

Of course! You might deploy customer support personals and provide 24/7 customer support if your budget allows. But if you are a small business with limited staff and have many website visitors or customers, it becomes almost impossible to handle the situation.

Sometimes website visitors may ask inappropriate questions, waste your time and energy and put you in tricky situations. So it’s wise to channelize the visitors queries.

So what could be the solution

Conversational Forms are the best method for customer interaction, engagement and channelizing their queries. Conversational form resembles natural conversation. It’s just like chatting but in a very organised way. The questions would be channelized so that the user doesn’t go out of track.

So Whats the next option? Should you make use of Chat bots and AI

Probably nope! You don’t need robust chat bots or AI to create simple to average conversational forms. Chat bots and AI might not be economical for small businesses.

Economic option: Is Conversational Forms

So if you have decided to use conversational forms for your WordPress site then the next question that arises in your mind is probably about the best conversational forms plugin or add on.

Conversational forms help controlled communication between a man and a machine.

Conversational forms are better than tedious traditional forms. Conversational forms are just like human to human conversations.  conversational forms are best in handling spam and inappropriate queries.

So which is the best conversational forms addon or plugin for WordPress sites

Well my serious answer is WPForms. With WPForms conversational form addon you can convert your content
or existing form into conversations. After experimenting a lot of other plugins I could say that this plugin ranks first. With WPForms Pro you not only create contact forms but also could create conversational forms. WPForms Pro comes with lot of supportive addons that makes your form experience awesome. It’s one stop solution for all you form requirements. So you don’t need may WordPress plugins and add-ons.

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Watch the tutorial video lessons below to know more about WPForms:

Advantages of WPForms’ Conversational Forms

  • WPForms allows you to add a logo to your conversational forms.
  • WPForms lets you convert and use an existing form as conversational form with just one click.
  • WPForms is cheap, economical and not even half the price compared to other conversational form solutions. So you can avoid buying costly plugins and third party solutions. Most of all it has tons of other supportive addons features.
  • WPForms provides Attractive color scheme, design, progress bar and custom url for your landing page.
  • WPForms is super easy to integration with your website.
  • WPForms is best suitable for creating Registration Forms, Survey and Poll Forms, Job Application Forms, Donation Forms and many others.

You may go through the tutorial video below or continue reading:

How do you use WPForms to create conversational forms

Things you need: WPForms Pro subscription if not already subscribed Click here to Subscribe WPForms Plugin Now

Once subscribed install and activate the plugin. Then enable conversational forms addon. To do so Go to WPForms ⇨ Click on addons ⇨ Then click on install addon (conversational addon in this case. refer the images below) ⇨ And then click on activate.

wpforms addon pack

conversational forms wordpress addon

Now that the addon has been installed and activated. Click on Add New ⇨ Type a name for the form ⇨ Then click on blank form to create a conversational form from scratch (refer the pictures below). Please note that you may also convert an existing form into a conversational form.

learn how to create a Multi step form in WordPress

how to create multi page form in wordpress

how to create a WordPress form step by step instructions

Now drag the fields as required as shown in the reference image below:

WPForms Opinion Form Example

Once after adding all the fields, Click on settings ⇨ Then click on conversational forms ⇨ Then click on enable conversational form mode checkbox (refer the images below)

wpforms conversational forms settings

convert contat form into conversational form in wpforms settings

settings to enable conversational form in wpforms

If you want to upload your company logo you could do so by clicking on the upload image button as shown in the image below:

upload logo for conversational form in wpforms

You also have the option to select the color scheme and progress bar type as shown below:

color scheme for wpforms conversational forms

selecting progress bar for conversational form in wpforms

Then finally click on the save button. To preview the conversational form click on preview conversational form as sown in the images below.

How to make multi step form using wpforms

preview wpforms conversational forms

Click on the start button to start the conversational form. Below are some of the screenshots of the conversational forms.

starting wpforms conversational forms

wpforms conversational form preview 1

wpforms conversational form preview 2

wpforms conversational form preview 3

The very important thing to note down it that, these forms should be accessed via the permalink. You can place a button on a page or post that triggers this form when clicked. You could send this link to your audience via Email. You may also add this permalink to the menu of your website.

permalink for conversational forms in wpforms

Ok viewers this concludes this tutorial. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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