Digital Marketing Content Strategy

Digital Marketing Content Strategy

7 Reasons Content is Essential to Digital – Digital Marketing Content Strategy


Content does a lot more than filling your website or page with information. Content is known to be the King of the website not only because without it, the website is empty but because of plenty of other reasons that we would want you guys to know. There are a lot of benefits of content in digital marketing and in this resource we are going to tell you about the top seven reasons which will help you understand why content is essential for marketing and other aspects as well.

Builds brand awareness

The most important reason why content is important for digital marketing is it creates brand awareness. There is a lot of competition in the digital market, and it keeps on increasing every turning day. If you want to make sure that you reach the top, you have to build brand awareness. People should know who you are, what purpose you are going to serve, what your goals are, what your offerings are, what your business is all about, and what benefits the audience can get from your content that they cannot get from any other platform!

Digital Marketing Content Strategy

Educate your audience

Content on your website should be designed in a very technical manner. It should be powerful that it can simply educate your audience about their queries and other relative aspects. It will help if you are looking for the queries and the on-going trends in the market. You can use tools like Google insights to find out the interests of the users relative to your niche. Having this information can help you create very informative and educative content for your audience. The more you satisfy the gut of the user, the more it will improve your digital marketing!

Content strengthens the bond with the clients

Content is the only way of communication between you and your customers, and this is why it is important for digital marketing. We want our readers to know that if you want readers to visit your website regularly, then this can only happen if you publish engaging content on your website. The more consistent you are in publishing unique and attractive content, the better connection you can make with your clients. Publish less but publish consistently. This will make your bond unbreakable.

A plus point here that always remembers a copyright checker is an important part of content writing as they can help you remove duplications easily! Check your content with an online plagiarism detector so that you can save yourself from the embarrassment of plagiarized. You can use the free plagiarism checker offered by! Always check plagiarism in content that you have prepared for digital marketing or seo! Best practice for Digital Marketing Content Strategy…

Textual content Never dies

We want you to know that text never gets old no matter how many years go. You still read the bedtime stories to your children that were written centuries ago. This means that text has a very long-lasting effect on the minds of the readers. Furthermore, you must know that text can provide very detailed information which is not possible in any medium of content. This is what is required in digital marketing. We want our readers to understand that duplication can kill the vibe of marketing, and this is why you need a plagiarism checker to remove duplicates from your work!

It has many great solutions for marketing

Great content is what you need to optimize your marketing campaign. While creating content, you are not only adding text, but you must also know that you can add images, video content, links and many other types of content which can gather the interest of the market. We want our readers to know that today people are more interested and engaged in visual content and this is the reason that we recommend you that you add relative media content with text so that people can connect with your brand more. This would increase your business. The only thing that you have to ensure is the use of plagiarism checkers so that duplication can be avoided.

You can build quality links

Credibility is very much important in digital marketing and even in conventional marketing. Link building is very much important for digital marketing. The more you get yourself hooked with good quality backlinks, the better would it be for you to market your content as well as your products. If you are new in the business, the only thing that can take you to the top in a connection with high authority websites. The high authority sites would only connect with you if you had good quality content.

Generating leads for your business

Marketing is everything about generating new leads and attracting traffic to your content. You always have to create new leads so that your business can keep on running and you can only do so with the help of creating new content. People refer to different websites before they decide to buy the products. Generating leads with content will help you cover this aspect. You can market other tools with yours and expect others to do the same, and this is how the digital market works.

I hope this article on Digital Marketing Content Strategy is rewarding. Keep visiting my site…

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Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Digital Marketing

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Digital Marketing

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Digital Marketing

All of us want to get highest paying jobs don’t we? In fact, that’s the main reason we study a specific course and hope to make a career in any particular field. The same holds true for everyone that wishes to study digital marketing course. One of the main things you’ll think about is what are the top 5 highest paying jobs in digital marketing.

Therefore, let me tell you something about the scope for digital marketing in India. Surely, these facts and figures would amaze you.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Digital Marketing

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

India’s ecommerce industry alone will require more than one million digital marketerswithin the next two years, says a study by global research and consultancy, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

And this figure doesn’t consider the number of digital marketing professionals necessary for other core sectors such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), healthcare, travel, tourism and hospitality, government services, education and several others.

There’re several more studies by foreign and Indian companiesthat clearly indicate that digital marketing is the career of future in India. That is the reason that hundred of digital marketing training centers have started providing digital marketing trainings in India.

And here’s my list of top 5 highest paying jobs in digital marketing.

Top 5 Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs / Careers

This list of highest paying digital marketing careers is based upon extensive research and job market demand prevailing right now. Therefore, you can select any of these careers. That would help you to specialize in a couple of particular digital marketing skills and build a successful career.

These salaries I mention are purely indicative since pay scales depend upon the size of the employer’s company and various other elements.

However, these salaries I’m mentioning are average for any digital marketer with two-year experience in any specific field.

Search Engine Optimizer (Rs.480,000/ year + perks)

A Search Engine Optimizer or SEO is a very complex process. It involves on-page SEO, off-page SEO and building links for a specific content on an employer’s website or blog. An SEO also builds links for a website and content. They research on various keywords that can help rank the website and the content on top of Google search pages.

An SEO’s job is extremely important. You may have that amazing looking website and astounding content. However, that design and content is useless unless an SEO promotes it and gets it to the top of Google rankings.

Content Writer (Rs.600,000/year + perks)

You would definitely wonder why a content writer gets higher salary and perks over an SEO. That’s because content writing is an extremely complex job. While SEOs can take the help of various software and online resources to build links and research keywords, among other processes, a content writer doesn’t have any such luxuries.

Content writing is one of the five highest paid jobs in digital marketing for a simple reason. Websites require excellent content that is timely, relevant, interesting and something that readers can easily identify with. To create such content requires painstaking research into lots of reliable websites, simply to gather bits and pieces of information.

And once those tidbits of information are available, a content writer has to use own creativity, language skills and general knowledge to write an article. This job requires a lot of patience and personal skills. It doesn’t depend upon software and other online technical resources. It’s a content writer’s own skills that come into play.

Social Media Marketer (Rs.500,000/ year +perks)

With more than 2.45 billion users, Facebook is without doubt, the single largest social media platform in the world. And which company or organization can afford to ignore such a platform that can help them reach such a wide audience in every nook and cranny of the world? Therefore, one of the top five highest paying jobs in digital marketing is working as social media marketer.

Social media isn’t merely Facebook. It also involves other platforms including Pinterest and Instagram to name a few. As social media manager, you’ll have to create amazing content that people like on your employer’s website and share it with others. You’ll also handle Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts because each one has a different set of followers.

Since people respond or react to social media posts almost instantly, this is a job where you have to be on toes all the time. Because you can’t afford a damaging comment or post on your social media pages. Hence, employers pay very high salaries to social media marketers.

Digital Marketing Analysis (Rs.400,000/ year + perks)

Who’s a digital marketing analyst? The one who analyzes data from various online resources for a company’s website. A digital marketing analyst is one of the highest paying jobs in digital marketing because it involves money. And often it involves big money, depending upon the size of the organization and its nature of business.

Digital marketing analysts keep tabs on data such as locations from where people are accessing a website, conversion rate from hits to customers, the cost of converting a visitor to the website as a confirmed customer and many others. They also analyze and evaluate performance of various digital marketing campaigns undertaken by a company and try to reduce costs.

Influencer Marketing Executive (Rs.480.000/ year + perks)

Nowadays, most companies take influencer marketing campaigns. Most of you would be aware that an influencer works through social media platforms, YouTube, Tik-Tok and other resources. They have a large following and are hence useful to popularize a brand, product or service. However, identifying the right influencer is very important. And furthermore, creating an influencer campaign is even more important.

Influencer marketing executives look for influencers in the market and devise ways and means for campaigns that can help their company get more customers. They also manage and analyze digital marketing campaigns for their company done by influencers. This is a very complex but enjoyable job in digital marketing.

In Conclusion: Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Digital Marketing.

Consider any of these top 5 highest paying jobs in digital marketing to jumpstart your career in this sector. This is possible by doing an excellent digital marketing course followed by internship. With these resources, you’ll surely and an excellent digital marketing career.

Tips to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Successfully

how to get a job in digital marketing in India in 2019

Digital Marketing Job Tips – Tips to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Successfully

Digital Marketing Job Tips: Digital marketing is the fastest growing profession in India and holds immense scope for you to evolve it into an excellent career. The first part of entering the digital marketing profession obviously would be successfully completing a superb course.

Should you be considering a digital marketing course or already hold the necessary qualifications, the last step is to land your first digital marketing job successfully.

Therefore, I’ll provide some vital tips to successfully land your first digital marketing job.

Digital Marketing Job Tips

Tips to Land First Digital Marketing Job – Digital Marketing Job Tips

Before I provide vital tips to successfully land your first digital marketing job, here’s something you should bear in mind. A digital marketer has to exert extra efforts at all times to promote a website or blog, concept or product, brand or company.

These tips I’m providing can work effectively only through your dedicated and intense efforts as budding digital marketer.

Look for Internships

Merely completing a digital marketing course is never enough to successfully land your first job. Therefore, you’ll need at least three to six months, paid or unpaid internship at some digital marketing company.

An internship will equip you with adequate hands-on skills to work as fresher in digital marketerwith any organization. Furthermore, an excellent reference letter from the company where you do your internship will also help quite a lot in landing that first job in digital marketing.

Usually, best digital marketing training institutes like DMatic Digitalwill help you find such internships through their placement partners. Some also offer in-house internships which provides excellent opportunities to acquire hands-on skills from faculty members themselves.

Digital Marketing Job Tips - Tips to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Successfully

Practice Content Writing

Content is the most important and crucial element of any digital marketing strategy. You may have astute knowledge of various digital marketing processes. But without good content, these processes can prove useless.

Excellent, timely, relevant and engaging content drives audiences to a blog or website. And you need skills to understand differences between good content and poor quality content.

This is possible only when you read high quality content and learn to write it yourself. Every content should contain specific keywords and meet Google standards to rank on Search Engine Result Pages.

A major hurdle towards becoming a successful digital marketer is inability to write content or identify poor and excellent content. Practicing content writing helps overcome both these obstacles.

Digital Marketing Job Tips - Tips to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Successfully

Open Own Blog

Opening your own blog is my third tip to land your first digital marketing job successfully. Usually, an excellent digital marketing training institute will provide you with paid domain name and hosting to create your own website. And it will also include content writing modules.

When you create own content and post on own website and promote it by deploying various digital marketing processes, you’ll emerge as an expert in this field. You’ll gain a leading edge over others applying for the same job, since you have the necessary hands-on experience.

Obviously, promoting own content and website has its own thrill. Especially when you see them gain rankings on Google. Also, showing your own blog website to a prospective employer during an interview or mentioning it on your application documents creates a wonderful impression.

Digital Marketing Job Tips - Tips to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Successfully

Get International Certifications

Maybe you’re unaware: there’re as many as 12 international certifications from giants including Google, Microsoft-Bing, Facebook and HubSpot among others that are available for every digital marketer. You’ll have to crack their online exams to get these certifications. Each certification signifies a different digital marketing skill.

Bear in mind, a superb digital marketing training institute will provide you with all skills necessary to pass these exams and get international certifications. And these certifications are valid worldwide.

You can easily impress any interviewer or employer with these certifications that are valid worldwide. In fact, these certifications prove that you’re capable of working as digital marketer for any employer anywhere in the world.

Create Digital Marketing Skills Inventory

Digital marketing is a bouquet of various offline and online processes. These include off-page and on-page Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other similar resources, email marketing and media buying among others.

It also includes a little bit of data analysis to understand where your traffic comes from and volume of traffic your content attracts from any specific location.

Therefore, you have the option of creating your skills inventory on basis of digital marketing processes you know best. That would help employers to hire you on basis of their requirements and your skills.

Create Excellent LinkedIn Profile

Nowadays, LinkedIn is an excellent resource to land your first job in digital marketing successfully. As a professional networking portal, hundreds of employers look for fresher and experienced digital marketers through LinkedIn profiles. And you can find wonderful placement opportunities from top-notch employers on LinkedIn too.

Additionally, LinkedIn also presents that superb opportunity to network with other digital marketers. This helps in exchanging information about various digital marketing processes, learn from their personal experience in the profession and get alerts about any job vacancies.

Seo course in India 2019

In Conclusion

PricewaterhouseCoopers says India’s ecommerce sector alone will require nearly 200,000 digital marketers at all levels of expertise and experience every year by 2022. The scope for digital marketers in other core sectors including Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), travel and tourism, healthcare, government services and consumer products is far greater. These tips would therefore help land your first job in digital marketing successfully.

The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing

The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing

The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing

Guide to Webinar Marketing: In the recent years, with the rampant adoption of internet and accessibility to smartphones, better devices such as smartphones and laptops, the consumers in almost every industry and across various verticals are easier found online than any other medium. This has led to various avenues of marketing springing up left, right and center within the internet itself.

Be it the social media where people usually go for connecting with friends, family and even work acquaintances (Read: LinkedIn) or the e-mails where people spend most of the time at work. And let’s not get started about how many leads are just searching around and surfing across the internet. The internet is a goldmine for any marketer. Plain and Simple.

The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing

In this pot, we are going to discuss one of the most under-appreciated way of marketing on the internet: Webinar Marketing. As a matter of fact, if done right, many marketers have shown that the sales generated with webinar marketing far better than even the most popular methods like blogs or social media.

For one, the leads generated by this technique are totally qualified. In social media or blogs, some users who might not even be interested in your products can easily stumble upon your site but the ones who come with webinar marketing are very likely to close. The high-ROI factor adds even more to the wonder of every marketer. Especially for the marketers who are trying sell products and build brands that involve costly and sensitive products like medical equipments and IT products like GST software, printers, billing software or any POS/CRM solution that has an impact over the business.

So, what is a webinar?

Guide to Webinar Marketing: A webinar is essentially a seminar, which just happens to be from internet which can be attended by any number and type of people from the location and time of their convenience.

As you can see, every aspect of it is incredible. Seminars, we have been attending them to explore new things and to network for decades now. And since it’s on the internet, people are less likely to miss it as they don’t have to travel at all. And on top of all of it, the audience can watch it again and again over a period of time. Win-Win from every angle.

NOW is the time to get started with Webinars. Here’s why!

  1. Quality Leads – Webinars bring in enormous amount of quality leads which are very likely to becoming a customer at one point. A number of B2B as well as B2C companies have been known to be reaping benefits from webinars at a huge scale. And it’s about time that every marketer gets serious about webinar marketing. Driving engagement with the help of webinar marketing in even the other avenues is an amazing idea. Another aspect that makes webinar marketing a lucrative option is the fact that you’re telling people about your expertise without having to pay for advertisement. Even if a person in the audience isn’t going to buy directly from you, he is going to spread the word about your said expertise.
  2. Realtime Feedback and better Consumer Science – Webinar Marketing can be further leveraged to create a better sense as to what does the consumer thinks of yourself and the product that you’re offering. This will in-turn help your team to further improve the process of customer acquisition and maybe even try some new things with the webinar itself.
  3. Create Brand authority, improve Brand awareness and Credibility – It sounds ambitious, but the people who have done it must know. Brands don’t build with a few hundred dollars spent on ads and whatnot. Building a brand means growing an infant child to become a soccer player. Nurture it’s talent and character. The same thing goes for brands. For being known to be expert in something, you have to prove what makes you right about things in the particular industry. And there’s no way possible to make your case than to show your acumen in the webinars.

So, this was all you needed to know about the holy grail of webinar marketing. Hope this Guide to Webinar Marketing was helpful. Feel free to let us know your suggestions and comments in the comment box.

List of Free Local Business Listing Websites for Indian Business

List of Free Local Business Listing Websites for Indian Business

Hello Everyone, Here is a huge list of free local business listing websites for Indian business 2018.

Currently I have listed out 221 directories below for now but I do have a plan to increase number soon. All of these local listing sites in India are working and I have tested these sites on April 08 2018. I have tested all the sites to the best of my knowledge but still please let me know for any irrelevant site in the listing. Please note that the directory list below is in alphabetic order and is not based on the popularity or the page rank. I hope that this list of free local business listing websites for Indian business is helpful. So just start posting free ads to increase your website visibility.

Contact me @ to list your website for Free.

Mail your website details. I shall personally have a look and list your website only if your website is reliable and trustworthy. Make a small donation (Not mandatory) if you appreciate my job and would like to support a blogger like me. Your small donation might help me continue blogging and keep the website up and running. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. You can make the payment via PAYTM to this mobile no: 9986723165. 

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