Best way to make your google analytics comply with CCPA

Best way to make your google analytics comply with CCPA

Legal Disclaimer: Please do not consider this tutorial as a 100% legal advice. It’s always a good thing to consult an expert lawyer in this regard.

If you are using google analytics then it’s time for you to know about CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act. Also it is mandatory for you to make your google analytics comply with CCPA else you may find yourself in wealth of trouble.

So first let’s understand what is CCPA…?

In short CCPA is a law enforced by Californian government in order to protect the privacy rights and consumer protection especially for the Californian residents. The main intention of this act was to provide rights to Californian residents with regard to their personal data sharing. According to this act businesses aren’t supposed to collect and sell the personal information without the consent of people. Businesses are required to notify, provide an opt out option (in case the user is not willing to share his/her data) and also delete the collected data upon the request of an individual. This law is effective from January 1, 2020.

So it means that you should never collect personal data especially of Californian residents in any means without their permission.

You may know more about CCPA here:

Who should care about CCPA? Does it apply to everyone?

The following types of businesses need to comply with CCPA:

  • Businesses whose gross revenue annually is equal to or more than $25 Million.
  • Businesses that drive more than 50% of their business revenue through selling the personal data of clients or customers.
  • Businesses that buy and sell 50000 or more personal data of customers, households and devices etc.

I don’t do any of the above, should I still care about CCPA? Of course in case if you are collecting personal information of Californian residents in any means.

Is there any penalty if one doesn’t comply with CCPA?

Of course one is in a deep trouble…! If somebody is purposefully violating the law then they will have to pay $7,500 for every violation per individual. Even if there is no intentional violation, the penalty of $2,00 for every violation per individual will be imposed. There are also chances that the consumer may file a case and make you pay the penalty anywhere $100 to $750. Doesn’t this sound alarming?

So if you have a website and are using google analytics, then you should make sure that your google analytics is CCPA Compliant

You may wonder why? Because google analytics does collect personal data.

Did you know that your google analytics is collecting personal data?

Google Analytics collects some personal information such as IP address, age gender, location, device used etc for the sake of website traffic analysis.

Thing to worry…!

So if your google analytics is collecting personal information of Californian residents, then you will have to make sure that your google analytics is CCPA complaint. Or Else face the consequences…!

How do you Make your Google Analytics CCPA Compliant?

Well! you may do this by following these 3 steps:

1st Step: You will need to Install and activate MonsterInsights WordPress plugin and its EU Compliance Addon. With this addon it’s easy to automate and configure the settings of your Google Analytics with regard to CCPA compliance.

Features and highlights of EU Compliance Addon by MonsterInsights:

  • You will be able to anonymize user’s IP address and hits of Google Analytics.
  • You will be able to tell Google Analytics not to track user’s ID by disabling that feature.
  • You will be able to disable interest and demographic reports of Google Analytics
  • You will be able to disable to author tracking
  • You will be able to Enable ga() compatibility mode
  • You will be able to integrate with CookieBot and WordPress plugins that are used for Cookie Notice

You may access the addon by going to Insights » then Addons » and then EU Compliance. Later you will have to  install and activate this addon. The image below illustrates the installation process:

After the installation and activation you could go to Insights » Settings » Engagement and then scroll down to EU Compliance section to manage the settings in order to either enable or disable varoius tracking features available in Google Analytics and make it CCPA complaint. Refer the image below:

2nd Step: You will have to Create an Opt-Out Consent Box

The Opt-Out Consent Box is required to facilitate the website visitor Opt-Out of data collection and sharing process of your website. In this way the user can take decisions whether or not to share his/her personal data.

List of Top 5 Online Free File Converters

List of Top 5 Online Free File Converters

List of Top 5 Online Free File Converters

Online free file converters: We have a lot of data in a format that we want to convert in other formats. We don’t have so much time in our busy lives to download various software or file converters for the conversion of data.

Then what is the solution to this problem? We will suggest you use online free file converters. There are a lot of online converters are available on the internet, and you may be confuse about choosing the best free converter to convert your data of different formats.

List of Top 5 Online Free File Converters

Top 5 online file converters – Online free file converters

Online free file converters: We will describe five ideal free online file converters for your convenience from which you can select.

The very first online converter in our list is through which you can convert your favorite videos to mp3 or mp4. These videos can be of different media platforms such as;

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Vimeo
  • Hulu
  • Lynda
  • MixCloud
  • Netflix

Its conversion process is not complicated and challenging. Through this, you can convert the videos of more than 1000 video streaming websites. allows converting videos and audios to mp3 and mp4.

The more significant feature of this free converter is that it gives you the best music quality. Mp3 320kbps audio bit rate is supported by it. One thing you must remember, you can’t go against copyrights conditions.



If you want a free online converter which is reliable too so your search will end on online convert free. It is a speedy file converter through which you can convert various documents within some minutes.

For its quick process, the file format is not an issue for this file converter. It also concerns about your privacy, so it doesn’t share your data to any third party.

It converts many formats to others like

  • Documents
  • PDF
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Archive
  • Images



It is a straightforward online video converter through which you can convert your numerous videos to 3gp, DVD, mp4, mp3, Xbox video, iPhone video, iPad video, Wii, MPEG, Flv, etc. It is not only a lightweight file converter but also very comfortable to use.

It completes the conversion process in very less time. A very slight issue you can face in converting the video via BenderConverter is that you can upload videos up to 100MB.



If we talk about the best PDF to Doc converter, you should go for ILovePDF. It has a very easy and straightforward interface. You can convert your PDF files with super ease. Moreover, you can download the converted files promptly.

This free converter allows you to split, compress, and merge PDF. You can’t get all features without signing up in this online converter.



It is one of the most amazing free online PDF converter. It is an easy and convenient online converter that can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, Txt, etc.

It’s not wrong if we say that it is the easiest online Word to PDF converter. You don’t worry about the security of your data because this file converter erases your data after one hour of the conversion process.

How to change memory limit godaddy? How to increase memory limit wordpress?

How to increase memory limit godaddy? How to change memory limit godaddy? How to increase memory limit wordpress?

Learn how to Increase memory limit godaddy in 4 simple steps. Are using Godaddy hosting? Are you using wordpress content management system (cms)? Are you facing problem increasing the memory limit? Then you have come to the right place.

Continue reading you will learn How to change memory limit godaddy? In 4 simple steps:

Sometimes wordpress themes or plugins might require additional memory for proper functioning and fast loading of websites. Sometimes you may end up in some fatal memory errors. This happened to me once as well.

Usually you could go to wp-config.php file and increase the default memory limit values. But sometimes the web hosting providers may not provide you a direct access to these memory limit options. This is true with Godaddy.

In Godaddy hosting I searched a lot for memory limit options including wp-config.php file but couldn’t find the memory limit options.

I called up Godaddy’s customer support and learnt How to change memory limit godaddy.

Step 1: Go to Godaddy Cpanel (How to change memory limit godaddy)

How to change memory limit godaddy

Step 2: Scroll down and click on PHP Process (How to increase memory limit wordpress)

How to increase memory limit wordpress

Step 3: Then click on switch to PHP process (How to increase memory limit godaddy)

increase memory limit godaddy

Step 4: Now Change the memory limit options you want. Usually you might want to change the memory_limit, maximum_execution_time, post_max-size, upload_max_filesize etc. (How to increase php memory limit godaddy cpanel)

increase php memory limit godaddy cpanel


4 Easy ways to create lined paper in MS Word – Microsoft Word Tutorial

lined paper in microsoft word

4 Easy ways to create lined paper in MS Word – Microsoft Word Tutorial – Lined paper in Microsoft word

Watch the tutorial video above to learn how to create a lined paper template in Microsoft Word.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Click here to download the Free Microsoft Word lined paper template

Template Preview / Download:


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list of tech blogs sites

List of 112 Tech Blog Sites

Here is a collection of one hundred and twelve, popular Tech Blog Sites. These tech blogs bring you the latest technology information, tech news and know-hows. These technology websites offers you the information on computer technology, internet, web technology, latest tech gadgets and lot of other latest technology updates. Most of the technology articles found in these sites are written by popular bloggers and technical writers in the industry. I have tried to collect the most popular tech blog sites and I guess I have done my best.

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