List of Top 5 Online Free File Converters

List of Top 5 Online Free File Converters

List of Top 5 Online Free File Converters

Online free file converters: We have a lot of data in a format that we want to convert in other formats. We don’t have so much time in our busy lives to download various software or file converters for the conversion of data.

Then what is the solution to this problem? We will suggest you use online free file converters. There are a lot of online converters are available on the internet, and you may be confuse about choosing the best free converter to convert your data of different formats.

List of Top 5 Online Free File Converters

Top 5 online file converters – Online free file converters

Online free file converters: We will describe five ideal free online file converters for your convenience from which you can select.

The very first online converter in our list is through which you can convert your favorite videos to mp3 or mp4. These videos can be of different media platforms such as;

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Vimeo
  • Hulu
  • Lynda
  • MixCloud
  • Netflix

Its conversion process is not complicated and challenging. Through this, you can convert the videos of more than 1000 video streaming websites. allows converting videos and audios to mp3 and mp4.

The more significant feature of this free converter is that it gives you the best music quality. Mp3 320kbps audio bit rate is supported by it. One thing you must remember, you can’t go against copyrights conditions.



If you want a free online converter which is reliable too so your search will end on online convert free. It is a speedy file converter through which you can convert various documents within some minutes.

For its quick process, the file format is not an issue for this file converter. It also concerns about your privacy, so it doesn’t share your data to any third party.

It converts many formats to others like

  • Documents
  • PDF
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Archive
  • Images



It is a straightforward online video converter through which you can convert your numerous videos to 3gp, DVD, mp4, mp3, Xbox video, iPhone video, iPad video, Wii, MPEG, Flv, etc. It is not only a lightweight file converter but also very comfortable to use.

It completes the conversion process in very less time. A very slight issue you can face in converting the video via BenderConverter is that you can upload videos up to 100MB.



If we talk about the best PDF to Doc converter, you should go for ILovePDF. It has a very easy and straightforward interface. You can convert your PDF files with super ease. Moreover, you can download the converted files promptly.

This free converter allows you to split, compress, and merge PDF. You can’t get all features without signing up in this online converter.



It is one of the most amazing free online PDF converter. It is an easy and convenient online converter that can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, Txt, etc.

It’s not wrong if we say that it is the easiest online Word to PDF converter. You don’t worry about the security of your data because this file converter erases your data after one hour of the conversion process.

Xara Cloud

This is also a PDF document creation and editing tool that you can use to create professional quality materials for your business. With this online tool can help convert, edit, or re-purpose any PDF file in seconds. You can use this cloud based online application to create awesome looking business presentations, business cards, product sheets, proposals etc and more. More importantly you don’t have to be a designer professional. Xara comes with tons of pre-made templates that makes your task super easy and painless. So without much time waste try out Xara Cloud now.


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