3D Floor Plan Word Template

Floor Plan 3D Template Word

3D Floor Plan template in Word

3D Floor Plan Word Template – Floor Plan 3D Template Word

This 3D Floor Plan is created in Microsoft Word.

I have shown you 2 methods
1) The 1st method is isometric grid
2) And the 2nd method is a direct method

Available formats: Microsoft Word & PDF format aswell

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The first method is easy and it lets you draft rough 3d models quickly where measurement is not a concern. Whereas the second method helps you create exact scaled 3d drawings that are close to 90% accuracy.

Both methods are isometric methods and they use a scaling method called the map scaling method.

According to the first method, To draw as per the measurement you will need to corelate the actual measurements with the gird lines. since the measurement of the window can be expressed in inches lets assume that every unit on the grid is equals to 1 inch of the actual measurement.

In the direct method 92nd method) we are not going to use the grid instead we’ll be drawing the reference lines directly with the scaled measurements and plot them in 30 degree angles. Then we’ll be aligning the lines by meeting their end points together. For an example if you want to create a 30 feet line then we’ll be creating a line for 30cm and rotate it in 30 degree increments to create an isometric model.

Well dear friends this was no easy job as Microsoft word is not a 3d software. I took up the challenge and finally created a 3d floor plan in a 2d software besides a lot of limitations. To create bigger and more Sophisticated 3d floor plans please consider using software applications such as Autocad, Sketchup, Sweet Home 3D, 3Ds Max, Blender and other 3d software. I shall be creating tutorials on these subjects in my next videos. I hope that this tutorial will be memorable and remarkable in your minds.

I recommend you to watch my video tutorial below on this topic for a complete understanding. Also visit my youtube channel for more MS Word tutorials.

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