60×20 Floor Plan

60x20 House Plan

60x20 Floor Plan - 60x20 House Plan PDF Free Download

60×20 Floor Plan – 60×20 House Plan PDF

60×20 Floor Plan – 60×20 House Plan PDF. This Floor Plan drawing is completely created in Microsoft Excel using verbal scaling. Since excel has a very vast workspace as compared to word & PowerPoint, its possible to create most biggest floor plans. you can create scaled floor plans that are close to perfect in excel.

Verbal scale or statement scale, which is a very simple method to scale down huge drawings or maps for simple understanding. this is useful when you want to relate smaller units of measure with larger units of measurements and tell that this small object is a representation of this big real world object. this scaling method is a best option when you want to scale down and fit in large maps or plans in a limited space such as a A4 size paper.

If you want to learn how to use verbal scale in Excel then don’t miss out the video tutorials below. I have created 2 video tutorials in Excel of which the first one is about creating floor plans and elevations. And the second one demonstrates how to create a 60 x 20 floor plan. In both the tutorials I have clearly demonstrated how to apply the scaling method.

If you have any doubts you may contact me through my email id or visit my YouTube channel by clicking on the video below and leave you queries in the comments. I shall always be happy to help you with everyday Microsoft Excel requirements.

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