40 x 36 House Plans

2BHK East Facing House Plan

40 x 36 House Plans - 2BHK East Facing House Plan - JPEG format free download

40 x 36 House Plans – 2BHK East Facing House Plan

40 x 36 House Plans – 2BHK East Facing House Plan – JPEG format free download

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To learn how to draw floor plans by hand watch the video tutorials below:

Actually I have created this tutorial where I have shown how to manually draw a floor plan by hand using an easiest scaling method called the verbal scale.

Verbal scale is simply a verbal expression or comparison such as 1mm = 1inch. This is useful to co-relate or represent actual real world size with the size on a map or a paper. To know more about verbal scale please watch my other tutorial videos.

The calculation is pretty straight forward and simple – you will simply need to convert feet into inches and then simply co-relate that with millimeter.

  • Here are few Examples: 36ft = 432inches – Therefore 30ft will be 432mm or 43.2cm on this paper
  • Similarly 40ft = 480 inches – Therefore 40ft will be 480mm or 48cm on this paper
  • The outer wall thickness in this floor plan is 9inches that is 9mm on this paper
  • The inner wall thickness in this floor plan is 5inches that is 5mm on this paper

With this method Anybody can draw floor plans using a normal ruler. Hence the calculation is really really very simple.

To draw this 40′ by 36′ floor plan I have used a chart paper, ordinary rulers, microtip pencil, protractors, black ball point pen, eraser and other simple tools available at home. The size of the chart paper is approximately 71cm by 56cm

First I have drawn the border of 24mm or 2.4cm. Please note that All through the drawing process, I have used the microtip pencil at first, than I have used the black ball point pen and trace on the pencil sketch. After tracing you will need to erase the pencil marks.

Once after creating the border, I have drawn the title block section on the right side. The width of the title block is 102mm or 10.2cm. Next I have drawn the compass, After that I have filled out the details of the title block section.

Next you will need to set the margin of 40mm from the top left portion inside the drawing area in order to draw the floor plan approximately in the middle of the drawing area.

Next you will need to calculate the scaled measurement and draw the walls as per the verbal scale of 1mm = inch.

You might also use an online calculator that converts combined measurement of feet+inches into inches. The link of this online calculator is given in the description below


After that you will need to draw the doors, windows and furniture.

Well! Its almost difficult to explain the drawing process through words, so I insist you to watch the complete tutorial below:

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