Floor Plan Word Template

Free Floor plan download

Floor Plan Word Template Free Download

Floor Plan Word Template – Free Floor plan download

This Floor Plan Word Template was created in Microsoft Word. This is a simple 20ft x 30ft house plan suitable for small budget projects. The scaling method used in this project is called map scaling. This method is easier to understand and us as compared to Representative Fraction sclaing or Numerical sclaing methods. Even a layman can easily understand at a glance without performing much calculations. Map scaling method is most widely used in landscaping and mapping projects. It can also be called as the linear or the graphic scale.

According to map scaling method one unit of measurement in a plan or a  map can be corresponded and co-related to the actual size units of real world size or measurements.

For example: 1cm = 1m, 1cm = 1ft, 1 inch = 1 mile, 1 inch = 1 km, 1mm = 1km etc. What this means is that 1 centimeter on the plan could be corresponded to 1 meter in the real world size.

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Available formats: Microsoft Word & PDF format aswell

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