Free Word Symbols and Icons Download

Microsoft Word Symbols List Download

Free Word Symbols and Icons Download

1000+ Free Word Symbols and Icons Download

This set of 1000+ Free Word Symbols and Icons are downloadable in MS Word Format. You can generate these symbols through Alt Codes and Alt + X shortcuts. When you click and select an item in symbols dialog box you could possibly see Alt Codes and Alt + X shortcuts. Not all the items are provided with these codes but a lot of them have. In addition to these you can also use the autocorrect feature and assign a custom keyboard shortcut. I have explained all of the 4 methods in the video tutorial below.

If you have any doubts you may contact me through my email id or visit my YouTube channel by clicking on the video below and leave you queries in the comments. I shall always be happy to help you with everyday Microsoft Word requirements.

Available formats: MS Word, Microsoft Word Document Format

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To check the preview watch the below video. If you want to learn how to make this for free yourself then you can watch the below step by step Sketchup tutorial video. Also visit my youtube channel for more Word tutorials.

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If you google for Segoe UI Symbol or font there are some websites that provide a list of Alt + X codes. You can get these symbols by typing the shortcut key and immediately pressing the alt + x keys on your keyboard to insert that symbol inside Microsoft Word. The tutorial above best demonstrates the procedures. You can refer this website for examples

Apart from this you may also google for unicodes list for symbols. Wikipedia provides a big list of unicode symbols.

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