Digital Marketing Job Tips – Tips to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Successfully

Digital Marketing Job Tips: Digital marketing is the fastest growing profession in India and holds immense scope for you to evolve it into an excellent career. The first part of entering the digital marketing profession obviously would be successfully completing a superb course.

Should you be considering a digital marketing course or already hold the necessary qualifications, the last step is to land your first digital marketing job successfully.

Therefore, I’ll provide some vital tips to successfully land your first digital marketing job.

Digital Marketing Job Tips

Tips to Land First Digital Marketing Job – Digital Marketing Job Tips

Before I provide vital tips to successfully land your first digital marketing job, here’s something you should bear in mind. A digital marketer has to exert extra efforts at all times to promote a website or blog, concept or product, brand or company.

These tips I’m providing can work effectively only through your dedicated and intense efforts as budding digital marketer.

Look for Internships

Merely completing a digital marketing course is never enough to successfully land your first job. Therefore, you’ll need at least three to six months, paid or unpaid internship at some digital marketing company.

An internship will equip you with adequate hands-on skills to work as fresher in digital marketerwith any organization. Furthermore, an excellent reference letter from the company where you do your internship will also help quite a lot in landing that first job in digital marketing.

Usually, best digital marketing training institutes like DMatic Digitalwill help you find such internships through their placement partners. Some also offer in-house internships which provides excellent opportunities to acquire hands-on skills from faculty members themselves.

Digital Marketing Job Tips - Tips to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Successfully

Practice Content Writing

Content is the most important and crucial element of any digital marketing strategy. You may have astute knowledge of various digital marketing processes. But without good content, these processes can prove useless.

Excellent, timely, relevant and engaging content drives audiences to a blog or website. And you need skills to understand differences between good content and poor quality content.

This is possible only when you read high quality content and learn to write it yourself. Every content should contain specific keywords and meet Google standards to rank on Search Engine Result Pages.

A major hurdle towards becoming a successful digital marketer is inability to write content or identify poor and excellent content. Practicing content writing helps overcome both these obstacles.

Digital Marketing Job Tips - Tips to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Successfully

Open Own Blog

Opening your own blog is my third tip to land your first digital marketing job successfully. Usually, an excellent digital marketing training institute will provide you with paid domain name and hosting to create your own website. And it will also include content writing modules.

When you create own content and post on own website and promote it by deploying various digital marketing processes, you’ll emerge as an expert in this field. You’ll gain a leading edge over others applying for the same job, since you have the necessary hands-on experience.

Obviously, promoting own content and website has its own thrill. Especially when you see them gain rankings on Google. Also, showing your own blog website to a prospective employer during an interview or mentioning it on your application documents creates a wonderful impression.

Digital Marketing Job Tips - Tips to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job Successfully

Get International Certifications

Maybe you’re unaware: there’re as many as 12 international certifications from giants including Google, Microsoft-Bing, Facebook and HubSpot among others that are available for every digital marketer. You’ll have to crack their online exams to get these certifications. Each certification signifies a different digital marketing skill.

Bear in mind, a superb digital marketing training institute will provide you with all skills necessary to pass these exams and get international certifications. And these certifications are valid worldwide.

You can easily impress any interviewer or employer with these certifications that are valid worldwide. In fact, these certifications prove that you’re capable of working as digital marketer for any employer anywhere in the world.

Create Digital Marketing Skills Inventory

Digital marketing is a bouquet of various offline and online processes. These include off-page and on-page Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other similar resources, email marketing and media buying among others.

It also includes a little bit of data analysis to understand where your traffic comes from and volume of traffic your content attracts from any specific location.

Therefore, you have the option of creating your skills inventory on basis of digital marketing processes you know best. That would help employers to hire you on basis of their requirements and your skills.

Create Excellent LinkedIn Profile

Nowadays, LinkedIn is an excellent resource to land your first job in digital marketing successfully. As a professional networking portal, hundreds of employers look for fresher and experienced digital marketers through LinkedIn profiles. And you can find wonderful placement opportunities from top-notch employers on LinkedIn too.

Additionally, LinkedIn also presents that superb opportunity to network with other digital marketers. This helps in exchanging information about various digital marketing processes, learn from their personal experience in the profession and get alerts about any job vacancies.

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In Conclusion

PricewaterhouseCoopers says India’s ecommerce sector alone will require nearly 200,000 digital marketers at all levels of expertise and experience every year by 2022. The scope for digital marketers in other core sectors including Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), travel and tourism, healthcare, government services and consumer products is far greater. These tips would therefore help land your first job in digital marketing successfully.


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