9 little known Advanced Techniques of Microsoft Word

9 little known Advanced Techniques of Microsoft Word

9 little known Advanced Techniques of Microsoft Word – Video tutorial highlights:

  • How to perform calculation in Microsoft word without a table? (mean to say outside a table)
  • How to insert automatically changing date, time and page number?
  • How to apply Text wrapping? (did you know that text wrapping is an easy way to move and position a picture or image along your text)
  • Various methods to create dummy texts and paragraphs (you might need dummy text for prototyping a document format, brochure format, booklet format and other template formats)
  • What are section breaks and when to use them?
    • How to create multi columned layout on a single page?
    • How to create different headers and footers, different page borders, different paper size, different page orientation, different margins, different page numbering etc for each set of pages?
  • When should you use Use document map? How to speed up navigating the document using document map?
  • How to easily create table of contents for your document? Know more about Table of contents or TOC at Wikipedia
  • How to create word index? Don’t know what is a word index? Refer Wikipedia
  • Use of paragraph marks (Paragraph marks can be used to quickly edit the document more efficiently)


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