Windows Movie Maker 2012

Windows Movie Maker 2012 – Download Windows Live Essentials 2012

Many of you are wondering how to download your favorite Windows Movie Maker 2012. The answer is pretty simple, Just download Windows Live Essentials 2012 from this link:  Click here to download Windows Live Essentials 2012 on I have tested the source and its safe to download and install. The file name is wlsetup-all.exe and the file size is 130.97MB. Many of us including myself love and use Windows Movie Maker 2012 for YouTube video creation. This free application consists the best options to save or export videos to H264 quality which is actually recommended by YouTube.

Actually Microsoft stopped updates for Windows Live Essentials some years ago. As a result many of windows users particularly Windows 7 and Windows Vista users suffered a lot and were not able to find a best alternative for Windows Movie Maker 2012.

There is no other free and easy to use video editing software like Movie Maker 2012, which has simple options trimming, splitting, simple animations, visual effects, adding titles, adding audios and most importantly exporting the video for YouTube. This tool is absolutely for any new YouTuber to create his first YouTube videos. The outcome is actually lossless quality. When it comes to encoding and exporting it also takes less time as compared to other free opensource applications.

Windows Movie Maker 2012 - Download Windows Live Essentials 2012

Yes there are few cons with this software, like you can overlay videos and audios. You do not have plenty of animation and visual effects etc. But still there is no any other software like Movie Maker which serves the purpose exactly and worth a million dollar free application.

Please do not download this software from any other website that aren’t trustworthy. Also let me know if you have found any trust worthy site for downloading this application.

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