YouTube marketing tips for Hotel Industry

YouTube marketing tips for Hotel Industry

YouTube marketing tips for Hotel Industry

YouTube marketing tips for Hotel Industry: We all know that YouTube is amongst the largest search engines of the world, but before broadcasting your channel you should make sure that it looks fabulous! As far as the hospitality industry is concerned, video is an extremely powerful tool.

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YouTube marketing tips for Hotel Industry

Your hotel’s video tour, an interview with your staff or a quick demo from the hotel’s chef could be really engaging. You can also embed YouTube’s app into your hotel’s page for an enhanced experience. By employing the right medical shop billing software and related technology solutions, you can make the guests really happy with great service.

However, your job is not over by just creating a YouTube channel, you must have the content. Before creating an account, make sure you have at least two videos ready and more in the works.

Mentioned below are some YouTube marketing tips for the hotel industry:

1.Make your video stand out – Marketing Tips for YouTube

If you want to grab the audience’s attention, you must ensure that you highlight all the unique features of your hotel. Show the rich story behind your business and try to emit it throughout the video. Focus on the areas that make your business stand out from others as only that you will be able to find your tone.

Whether your tone is passionate or serious, you have to think about all the features that make you different from others in your location.

2.Hash out the video descriptions – Tips for YouTube Marketing

Make sure that your video descriptions are detailed and not just for the SEO purpose. At times, your channel’s content is the only thing that your customers see before deciding to stay in your hotel.

Do not forget to add the information about your room services, amenities, and your contact details. You can make the video even more engaging by adding a question and answer section. It is possible that if one customer has a query about your hotel, a lot of other people are thinking the same thing. The customers may share your videos and other stuff if they feel more engaged and valued.


A great way to decide what video format suits best for your hotel is through experimentation. You can try a variety of video formats and then carefully analyze the statistics that come with it.

For instance, what is the number of people engaging with your video content? You can also analyze the number of views, likes, dislikes and shares to see what your audience is appreciating. Once you have tried all the formats, you will automatically know what route to go down when creating the next video.

4.Use the right keywords

You must have embedded your YouTube video on your website and featured your YouTube channel. But what about the customers who are not aware of your hotel as of now? To get more people to find you, you have to use certain keywords in the tags, titles and description.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner to know what keywords will help your company and location. Using the correct keywords will help enhance the number of viewers your video attracts.

5.Create a snapshot of your city

Your YouTube channel is not only the source for posting videos, but building a community as well. Just like other social media platforms, you have the ability to add friends and make a list of your favorite videos. You can connect with local businesses, visitor bureaus and restaurants in your city. A city snapshot can be a great resource for your current and future customers.


With the evolutions of technology, you should continuously evolve your marketing strategies. The popularity of sharing information through video is growing rapidly. Do you use video to optimize your audience’s engagement? If not, you can put the above marketing strategies into practice today!

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