Use Speed Hacks to Improve WordPress Site Vitals Score

Use Speed Hacks to Improve WordPress Site Vitals Score

How to: Use Speed Hacks to Improve WordPress Site Vitals Score

Do you want to Use Speed Hacks to Improve WordPress Site Vitals Score then this article is just for you. What if you don’t care about the website speed? The simple answer is that is affects your website traffic and your business. So far you might have ignored Google’s web vital ranking factors but now the time has come for you to pay some attention in this regard.

Google’s search engine is the #1 search engine used by most of the world’s population. Everyone of us use Google everyday for one or the other reason. Other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo are less popular compared to Google. And there is a very less chance for them to overlook Google immediately or in the near future.

With this you can clearly understand that Google is most widely used search engine among others. So its important for you to make your website adhere with the Google’s ranking factors. Google often introduces new algorithms to its users genuine and a better experience. Till now Google has implemented more than 200+ rules or ranking factors that every website needs to meet. Satisfying all these criteria will make your website rank higher on Google. Try MonsterInsights – The Best WordPress Analytics Pugin to improve your core web vitals score.

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Key factors that make your website a better website

How a website becomes popular depends upon a lot of factors and criteria some of them are as follows:

  • Always write and publish high quality contents only. As there is a saying in the internet world: “CONTENT IS THE KING”. So pay more attention to the content because this key factor alone affects your website’s ranking around 90% and rest are just 10%. Do a lot of research, collect genuine up to date information and publish a quality content. Remember never copy other websites and their hard work.
  • Publish detailed articles: A recent study shows that posts with 2000+ words have more chance of ranking higher in Google’s search than articles with lesser words. So article length does matter.
  • Structure your content: Organizing and giving a proper structure makes your content more readable and interesting. Assigning heading styles, list styles, bold text, underlined text etc makes your content more appealing to the readers and search engine.
  • Getting quality backlinks adds credibility to your website’s ranking factor.
  • Picking or choosing search intent topic for your content is highly important to gain more visitors. Sometimes its of no use writing content for topics that people aren’t looking for unless you have a big fan following already.
  • Optimize your website load speed: Your website needs to be fast loading, responsive and quick rendering according to Google’s core web vitals. We shall discuss more about optimizing your WordPress website speed later in this article. So stay tuned and continue reading.
  • Optimize keywords on your site: To help search engine crawl your site, it becomes mandatory for you to add necessary keywords in appropriate places such as the titles, meta descriptions, image alternate texts etc.
  • Last but not the least, you will need to get an SSL certificate to your site. Google considers this as a ranking factor. Also this adds extra layer of security to your website.

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Hacks to Improve WordPress Site Vitals Score

So far we talked about some key factors that makes your website content awesome and help it rank higher on search engines. Among all factors now we are going to discuss about the Hacks that Improve your WordPress Site’s Vitals Score.

Good Hosting Matters…

In most cases the root cause of website speed problems mostly depends on the type of hosting and hosting companies. Here are some of the best hosting companies that I recommend and you can give a try:

Good Cache Plugin Matters…

If you are using WordPress then you should consider using a cache plugin to boost the site speed.

Image Optimization Matters…

You shouldn’t upload raw images or image with huge file size directly on your website. Huge files reduces the site’s load speed drastically. So you should use applications such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to reduce file size an optimize images for the web. You may also use some online compression tools such as pixlr editor. You should also make sure that you don’t reduce the quality of the images during this process.

Using CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN services help your website load at blazing speed. CDN network companies have their servers located in various countries across the world. This makes it easy for your website to be loaded from the nearest server of your website visitors.

Latest PHP and WordPress Version Matters…

Older or outdated WordPress versions also slow down your website’s overall performance. Sometimes it might also lead to serious breakdown of your website. So you should periodically login to your WordPress admin and check for the latest WordPress updates. Also you should make sure that you are either not using an outdated or old versions of PHP. To change the PHP version you will need to login to you Hosting CPanel, access the PHP version options and update to the newer version. Updated WordPress and PHP keeps your website safe and lessens the chance of getting hacked.

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Updating WordPress Themes & Plugins Matters…

WordPress and PHP versions are updated frequently. Older WordPress themes and plugins need to comply with the newer versions of WordPress and PHP or else they might not work properly and could cause your site to malfunction. So it becomes mandatory for you to update the themes and plugins as well.

Choose light weight and clean coded theme for best performance…

While selecting a theme you should make sure that it is properly coded. Also you should make sure that the theme has constant updates. Selecting a popular theme is always a good choice because popular theme developing companies have dedicated coders, technical staff and customer support.

Never use too many plugins since it might lead to plugin conflicts…

The big advantage with WordPress are the plugins. With plugins one could do a lot more without having to learn a single line of code and achieve what they want. But at the same time too many plugins could cause plugin conflicts. The code can interfere with each other and hinder the performance of your website. So plan things, choose few plugins that have many functionalities instead of installing plugins for every single requirement.

Optimize CSS and JavaScript files on your website…

Avoid too many CSS customization and try to use minimum CSS. Minifying CSS and Javascript files can faster your website loading process. You may use some plugins to minify CSS and Javascript files.

I hope that this article on Use Speed Hacks to Improve WordPress Site Vitals Score is useful. Keep visiting my website for more such interesting articles.

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