Embed Calculator on Website and Increase Website Traffic Fast

Embed Calculator on Website and Increase Website Traffic Fast

Embed Calculator on Website and Increase Website Traffic Fast

Do you want to know how to Embed Calculator on Website and Increase Website Traffic Fast then you should read this article till end. Many of you might be wondering how to improve website traffic? and also might be looking for some tools that could engage website visitors. Well! out of the many ways the very engaging and rewarding idea is to just put a Calculator on your website. Whether you believe it or not this technique will surely boost your website traffic by 30% or more!

There are many people on the internet who are looking for online calculators. So you could also plan to place a calculator that’s relevant to your business. For example you could place Health & Fitness Calculators that calculates BMI and Calorie or you could place Financial & Insurance Calculators that could calculate Interests, Savings & Life insurance etc. If you are running a E-commerce store than you could place a calculator of that helps your online business. You may also place a Mortgage Calculator and so.

2 Ways to embed a calculator in WordPress

There are two best ways to embed calculators on your WordPress websites:

  • The first way is to use a calculator WordPress plugin
  • The second way is to use form builder WordPress plugin

In both cases you have free as well as paid solutions. Now at this point I would like like to narrow the things further. Most of you might are already using form builder plugins to create contact forms, so what I would suggest is that you could use the same form builder plugin for the purpose of creating a calculator instead of installing a dedicated calculator plugin.

Why do I suggest this? Well! In general installing too many plugins on your WordPress site could possibly compromise your website’s performance.  It might slow down your site’s load speed. Also installing a lot of plugins could cause plugin conflicts and create website usability issues. So its a wise thing for you to manage your WordPress site with minimum plugins as possible.

Which form builder plugin should you use to create and place a calculator on you site?

Well! There are many form builder WordPress plugins but most of the do not have all kinds of options. In this case I would recommend you to use Formidable Forms plugin as it comes with dedicated options to perform math and calculations. If you would like to subscribe to Formidable Forms Pro you may do this through this link. Want Discount offers on Formidable Forms… Then click here…

Formidable Forms Pro comes with a set of built-in calculator templates with which you can create calculators with just a click of a button.

Some Formidable Forms calculator templates that will inspire you…

BMI calculator template. BMI calculator according to me is one the most searched keyword on Google. So adding a BMI calculator to your site will surely increase traffic and engagement. This will also reduce your website’s bounce rate considerably. You may customize the fields as required. You could also take the advantage of advanced field options and conditional logic.

Mortgage calculation form template. With Formidable Forms Pro you can create simple to a very complex Mortgage calculator. As already said you Formidable Forms comes bundled with built-in templates for various purposes. Fascinating isn’t it!

Price Calculator template: If you own a E store, probably you might want to place a Calculator for price calculation purposes. This will facilitate your website visitors or clients spend more time on your site, and also it will not let the user switch to a different site or app to perform calculations.

ROI (Return on Investment) calculator template: Most of the investors and newbies who are interested in investments are looking for ROI calculators. So adding one to your site will help build a great traffic source to your WordPress site.

Life insurance calculator template: This could be another great traffic generating calculator on your website. People looking for insurance policies will definitely look for these kind of templates. So what are you waiting for, just give a try!

Final Thoughts & Conclusions

Adding calculators to your website is really a great way to increase your website traffic. It also helps engage your website visitors and make them stay longer on your site. This in return reduces the bounce rate and helps your site to rank better on Google search. You may use a calculator plugin but I would like to suggest the you use a form builder plugin as you might already be using form builders to create contact forms and so. Why install too many plugins when you have one that could do all! So stop thinking and give it a try. Install Formidable Form Now…

I hope that this article on how to Embed Calculator on Website and Increase Website Traffic Fast is useful. Subscribe for the newsletters for latest post updates.

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