How to Build a Yellow Pages Directory in WordPress

How to Build a Yellow Pages Directory in WordPress

How to Build a Yellow Pages Directory in WordPress?

Do you want to start an online business with low investment? Do you want to learn How to Build a Yellow Pages Directory in WordPress? Then don’t skip reading any part of this article. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a business directory WordPress website with the best directory plugin in easy steps.

How to Build a Yellow Pages Directory in WordPress

Creating a local directory website is trending today and is one of the easiest ways to earn a decent online income. Although there are many giant business directory websites, there is still a great need for local directories as sometimes it’s often very difficult for big guys to cover every detail of all the topics at a micro-niche level. And even search engines have started giving the first preference to the local websites when somebody makes a local search. And that’s why there is a big demand for business directories and many people tend to start a directory website online to generate money.

As there are challenges with any business, there are certain challenges with business directories as well. And that very challenge is how to get website traffic. You will need to attract and bring people to visit your website. Once you have generated a decent amount of website traffic, you could approach businesses, schools, hotels, rentals and so many other commercial bodies to subscribe to your website directory and charge them a fee for the same.

There is another way to make a passive income from business directories and that is by running google ads.

There are a variety of directory websites that you could build, for example, you could create a local listings website, real estate website, job listing website and more. You may also come up with your unique idea.

WordPress directory plugin by Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms, as you all already know that this is one of the best and advanced WordPress form builder plugin with more than 300,000 active subscribers. Apart from being a form builder Formidable Forms also allows you to create a directory website in no time. Two things make this possible. The first one is the directory addon for Formidable Forms. And another feature is the unique views that make it possible to build a directory website with ease. With these functionalities, the form submissions could be directly added as a listing on your website automatically.

Is there a free WordPress directory plugin?

I have been searching over the internet for several months and couldn’t get a single plugin that allows free listing. All the offer is some basic options with minimal features that aren’t sufficient and probably don’t satisfy the needs of a complete directory website solution. So my sincere advice to you is that you should stop looking for free stuff and instead look for a cost-effective affordable solution.

Formidable Forms in my opinion is multi-featured and multi-tasking. It does the job of a directory plugin and that of a form builder as well. You so pay less and gain more. AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR MANY PLUGINS. Since this is an all in one solution. You could check for discounts and offers through this link. Also, you may participate in their giveaway programs to avail Formidable Forms completely for free. So go check out their website for offers right now.

How to Build a Yellow Pages Directory in WordPress

What kind of Directory Websites could you create using Formidable Forms?

With Formidable Forms, you can build a variety of directory websites in no time. Some of them are as follows:

  • Local business directory
  • Job listing directory
  • Real estate listing site
  • Staff directory
  • Member directory
  • Restaurant directory
  • Hotel directories
  • Medical directory
  • Tour & travel review directory
  • Software review sites
  • Book review sites
  • Medical directory
  • Buy and sell websites
  • Second handed items sale website

These are just some examples but there are endless possibilities.

Features of Formidable Forms Directory Addon

Formidable Forms comes with 3 major directory built-in templates: 1) Business directory 2) Team directory 3) User directory. These templates are flexible enough to be customized and could be used for any directory website projects.

Apart from these templates, there are many supportive add-ons for directory building such as Embedded maps, Reviews & ratings, Listing owner contact, Customizable forms & styles, Front-end submissions, Paid or free listings, Multi-page listing submission form, Posts Table Pro and more.

Most importantly Formidable Forms is clean coded and doesn’t cause any kind of plugin conflicts.
Further, you have great customer support and plugin updates that most other directory plugins and themes lack over time. Since Formidable Forms is one of the top WordPress plugin developing firms, I am sure that they are not going to quit the industry for many years. There are many tiny WordPress development companies, which just emerge for some time and fade away quickly due to survival issues. But Formidable Forms is a giant and not like them. So you can trust my words.

Most Advanced WordPress Form Builder

Using Formidable Forms to build a Directory Website

The first thing is that you will need to install and activate this plugin. Then you will need to install and activate the directory addon as well. The directory addon requires a pro or elite version subscription. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to install this plugin.

Watch the video below to know about the features of Formidable Forms:

The below video is focused on creating a job listing website:

Once after the installation, you will be redirected to a wizard that will guide you through the settings. If you have skipped the wizard for some reasons you may access it again by going to Formidable Forms → and clicking on Global Settings → and then clicking on the Directory option.

By going to the Business Directory option you can create the directory website elements such as user forms, for views and listings.

Once you have done with the guided setup you should check and select auto-generated pages. By doing this the basic ground-level work for directory websites such as page forms, new listing and profile pages will get automatically populated.

In this way, you just created a business directory website in just 10 minutes!

There are endless customization and possibilities that I shall discuss in my future blog.

The Best WordPress Directory Plugin

I hope that this article on How to Build a Yellow Pages Directory in WordPress is useful. Stay tuned for more…

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